Andrea Melder Labrooy

Andrea joined the senior choir of Holy Family Convent in 1999 and has enjoyed singing with Soundarie and the girls ever since. She is the proud mom of six year old Aaryaana and three year old Amber.

Apart from looking after the girls, Andrea is also a teacher at Lyceum International School where, together with the team of teachers at the The Theatron, train over 400 students each year to sit for the Trinity College London Performance Arts examinations. She has also co-directed the school productions of 'The Dreamer', 'Rio' and 'Fantasy'.

Andrea is also an examiner at the Calsda and also trains students for Speech and Drama examinations.

"I love working with kids and I am happy to say that through my work I have the opportunity to pass down the knowledge, experience and skills I have gained through being a part of Soul Sounds to so many kids".