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Angela Rayer

Angela Rayer

Angela started singing with the Holy Family Convent choir in 2002 and is a founder member of Soul Sounds. Career-wise, she has excelled in the banking and finance sector and was a contended staff member of a well-established international bank for over 10 years of span.

She is a proud mum of two adorable boys whom have been her inspiration throughout all the difficulties she has faced in balancing her work and family life, together with Soul Sounds. 

I discovered the passion I have for singing only after I joined Soul Sounds. It has taught me not only to sing but also to learn virtues such as friendship, love and care. Even at the most difficult moments, the laughter that brings us together, and all the hard work and dedication, as well as confidence it has instilled, has assisted us to be who we are and that experience cannot be expressed in words.”

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