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Dineshini Jayawardhana

Dineshini Jayawardhana

A past pupil of Holy Family Convent, she graduated from the University of Delhi with a First Class in Sociology in 2007. Having been a part of the Holy Family Convent School Choir for quite a number of years, my only significant separation, so to speak, from the Soul Sounds family was when I was in studying in India – assuming here of course, that being persuaded to sing for various functions when in SL during (the really short) Uni vacations, doesn’t count!

I have been avidly involved in Drama, Debating, Dancing and Sports, both at School and University and have completed up to Grade Eight in Speech and Drama, Effective Speaking and Spoken English at the Wendy Whatmore Academy of Speech and Drama and also the Performance Certificate in Speech and Drama with Distinction, at examinations conducted by the Trinity College of London. My latest love in life in terms of a hobby is photography – practice in which I get abundantly during our travels abroad – much to the annoyance of the others who have to lag behind with me of course!

I am currently employed as a Human Resource Development Executive, at MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd., my third family, with whom I have been with for the past three years! I too am part of the ‘better ones’ of the choir (the altos – in case you were wondering!) and although I find it hard sometimes to juggle a demanding career, family, an active social life 😉 and a husband (to-be, in a few months,) – I cannot even imagine a life without Soul Sounds!

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