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Dona Ruvini

Dona Ruvini

Dona Ruwini joined the Soul Sounds Academy choir in 2010 and later joined Soul Sounds in 2012. Music has been an integral part of her life since childhood. Dona Ruwini started her singing career as a member of the Good Shepherd Convent Choir in 2002 under the direction of Mr. Francis D’Almeida, and she was also a part of her parish choir and has accompanied the church choir since the age of 8.

She has completed her Grade 8 IWMS music exam as well as the Grade 6 music exam conducted by Trinity College London, and is currently completing her diploma in music and hopes to pursue her higher education in Sound Engineering. Choral singing plays an important role in her life as she arranges choral music and she has been the assistant choral director of the Bank of Ceylon and the St Bridget’s Convent Primary Choirs. Dona Ruwini was also part of the production team of “Sogni Romani 2012”, a choral program held in Rome, which consisted of 94 Sri Lankan students under the direction of Mr. Francis D’Almeida.

“It has been an amazing experience to sing with all these girls who are so dedicated yet fun-loving. I am extremely grateful to Soundarie for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this truly inspirational choir.”

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