Manesha Jayasooriya

Manesha joined Soul Sounds in August 2011. Her passion for music began when she started singing with the Methodist College choir at the tender age of 8, and continued to do so with the Peoples’ Church Choir, the Ladies’ College Choir and the Christ University Choir. She is also enthusiastic about drama and teaching, both of which have been an integral part of her life. Having graduated from Christ University, Bangalore with a Bachelor of Economics (Hon) degree in May 2011, Manesha has experience as an Online Marketing Analyst. 

“I have always loved music and being part of Soul Sounds has served to strengthen that love. The commitment and effort needed to be a part of such a renowned and sought-after choir is challenging and I do love a challenge in life! Although I have been part of the choir for a comparatively short time, it has been a real pleasure as it is like a home away from home.”