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Michelle Joseph

Michelle Joseph

Michelle is a vibrant and talented member of the choir, who is well known for her creative styles of dancing. Under the guidance of Mrs. Kanthy Ranchigoda, Michelle’s talent at expressing herself through graceful movements is indeed enviable. Her feet have a life of their own, and at each performance they have a story to convey.

With a quick eye and a flair for fashion, she is always in touch with the latest trends and is a trendsetter herself. Michelle is committed to whatever she undertakes, and sees a task through to the end. She is a founding member of Soul Sounds and her vocal contribution to the choir comes through with a unique sense of individuality- a mixture of innocence and fun!

Michelle is completing an Associate Degree in Arts at the American College of Higher Education in Colombo and hopes to do a postgraduate degree in Sociology. She is a favourite amongst the choristers, as she has the ability to inspire others and bring out the best in them. The choir is truly proud to have such a beautiful and gifted person in our midst.

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