Raaya Gomez

Raaya Gomez studied at St. Bridget’s Convent and was the Deputy Head Prefect of the school for the academic year 2012. She was involved in many extra- curricular activities including debating, MUN, drama and Interact Club related work. She completed four successful years serving for the Interact Club of St. Bridget’s Convent and was the treasurer of the club for the years 2011/2012. Through the Interact Club, she has been a part of many awareness projects as well as community service projects.

Raaya also loves acting and has taken part in many theatre productions during her school career, including the Inter-School Shakespeare Drama competitions. Her passion for singing resulted in her winning the title of best solo singer at Talent Search 2012, organized by the Interact Club of Royal College. Having successfully completed her A/L’s in 2013, Raaya is currently following the University of London International Programmes LLB degree. She hopes to enter the Colombo Law Faculty in 2015. In addition she believes her interest in social service and environmental issues will lead her to work with many organizations that carry out projects in these particular fields.

“Music is something that connects even the most different people. Singing really helps me to release any stress or adversity that comes my way. Soul Sounds had become such an important and meaningful part of my life. Not only have I learned more about music, but I’ve also made some of the greatest friends ever. The experiences and challenges we have faced as a choir, has made me mature as a person. It is a blessing to be a part of what I consider a great family.”