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We list above, some of the reviews and appreciations that we have received. Thank you all for your kind words. We take the praise with humility, and are encouraged to live up to your expectations with even better performances in the years to come.

Excerpts of E-Appreciations from Australia 

“I wonder if any of you went to the Soul Sounds concert last Friday night at Haileybury College? I thought it was the most scintillating and riveting performance I have ever been to and the Sri Lankan choir certainly did the country proud. They are really world class singers, and worthy of singing in places like the Concert Hall and the Sydney Opera House. I have never heard a choir sing in such a pristine and cheerful manner – their costume changes and choreography were unbelievable. I was very impressed with Soundarie David, who trained the choir – and we were all enthralled by the way her fingers just flew over that piano – not to mention the drummer, and the sound director …. What a treat for our eyes and ears!”

“Oh, what a Concert last night…. They will be back at the Sydney Opera House next year, no risk. Errol said that it was grossly under priced … So chaps start saving your hard earned for next year.”

“We’ve been covered in E’s (email) from Australia full of praise for your performances. One in particular mentions trying to get you all back for an appearance at the SOH (Sydney Opera House) next year. They all mention that you guys were way above the market value designated and this augurs well for a repeat performance next year at bigger venues. This time they know your musical value and you guys will clean up. I want all of Australia not just the (Sri Lankan) community to see you. Hope your success will be the cause of acclamation …”

“Dear (Soundarie), I had the greatest pleasure to hear the Soul Sounds choir sing at St Michael’s Church in Melbourne on Sunday 25th February. My wife and I were enchanted with the singing and the accompanying piano and pipe organ. We wondered if the choir had made a CD of their singing and whether it is available for purchase? Please pass on our thanks to the choir for giving us such a memorable performance.”

Excerpts from Reviews

What was beautiful was the well thought out musical arrange1ments and selections made to embrace an audience of wide ranging tastes. What was even more beautiful was the collective voice of Soul Sounds. They left a powerful impression on many a mind, and were indeed able to wash off the dust from those everyday mundane cares. Dinushka Jayawickrema and Shehara Liyanage joined for a duet to perform ‘The Prayer’ in a mix of Italian and English. A wonderful achievement considering the ease with which they handled that lovely yet complicated song.
Anushika Gunawardena. The Sunday Times (LK). August 28,2005

I have heard the choir and let me tell you with as dispassionate and objective stance as I can take-they are simply stunning.
– Nigel Kerner, Voice of Lanka (LK), July 2004.

Oh, what reverence and purity of sound. Ave Maria. Is it from a Monastery, a cathedral in the land of its birth? The choir had us enthralled.
– The Sunday Island (LK). April 11, 2004. 

I would pay West End prices to see this show again and anyone whose eyes and ears weren’t hitched up to the common prejudices of our local society would have to acknowledge that on the night.
-Nigel Kerner, Voice of Lanka (LK).

Review of “A Decade Together Forever” The Peterite Chorale and the Holy Family Convent Choir March 2004

Hats off to the chorus line for their innate ability to perform without a gesticulating conductor and sing so beautifully in line, in tune, and in rhythm.
-Dr. N.S. Sathasivam. The Sunday Times (LK).

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