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Shehara Liyanage

Shehara Liyanage

Shehara, who has been a part of the core group that founded Soul Sounds has been singing with Soundarie David Rodrigo since 1996. She was initially a part of the Merry-An Singers with Mary Anne David, and because of her great passion for for singing was very much involved with the senior school choir at Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya.

She is currently working for a media organization and is a Radio Presenter hosting the Morning Show on Yes Fm. Shehara loves merging her work with her singing, adding that it helps her learn more about the kind of music that’s out there, making her appreciate the various styles to singing by building and bettering her own vocals as a singer.

“When I sing on stage, if I could reach out to at least one person, I then have succeeded. If you don’t mean what you sing, or you don’t relate to the song, then don’t sing it”

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