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From Australia to the USA, China to France, Soul Sounds has not merely had great musical experiences along the way, but also met some amazing people, who have not merely supported them in their dream of showcasing Sri Lankan talent, but also blessed them with love and encouragement. The Sound, the Soul Sounds newsletter, is our way of keeping our extended Soul Sounds family updated on all the activities of the group. We hope you enjoy reading this first issue, and urge you to keep in touch, keep your ideas coming in, and help us in achieving our dreams and aspirations.

We are at present exploring new repertoire and are also helping the next generation of singers. 2010 has been a hectic year, especially the latter half, with the launch of our new CD, the US tour, and our upcoming tour of Malaysia in October, as well as the busy Christmas season to come.

Maintaining a balance between work, studies and music, not to mention family commitments, has been tough. However the music and the fellowship shared among the girls, Jerome, Neranjan, Christo and myself keeps us going.

We wish our families, friends and fans all over the world a joyous and blessed Christmas and look forward to meeting you at our concerts over the season.

Musically yours,

It has been a privilege to lead such a fantastic group of talented girls this past year. It has been one of our best, with our debut tour to the US, including performances in New York and Los Angeles. Warmest thanks to the organizers, and sponsors who believed in us, and made our stay an unforgettable one. We would also like to thank our families and friends, who have given us immense support throughout the years. And most of all, a special thank you to our director Soundarie. Without her vision, determination and drive, Soul Sounds would not have been possible. 

We look forward to another great year ahead.
November 19th

Soul Sounds to perform at Festival of Arts, Lional Wendt Theatre, Colombo


December 11th/12th

Soul Sounds with the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka, Ladies' College Hall, Sri Lanka


December 20th

Moods of Christmas 2010, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Soul Sounds will also be singing at corporate functions and weddings over the next three months.

To view some of our performances, check out our YouTube channel here.


October 22nd - 24th


Tour of Malaysia




One of the experiences that have stood out in my mind was when we competed at the World Choir Games in Graz, Austria in 2008. We had just got to the venue where the Gospel and Spiritual competition in which we were competing was being held, when we found out that our music scores had been misplaced. We couldn’t go on stage till they were found, or we would be penalized by the judges. As can be imagined, everyone was very anxious because we had worked so hard to get there and we didn’t want something like this to hinder us from doing our best. After some time we were able to sort out some of the scores but some were still missing. We had no

choice but to go on stage and hope for the best because, as they say, the show must go on...

However, when we started singing something amazing took place. I strongly believe that there was a spiritual presence among us, and a higher power working through us at that moment. We sang like we had never sung before. At the end of the performance, many of us were very emotional because we knew that something special had happened. The experience was enhanced when many people in the audience came up to us and said that our music had moved them and touched them in a special way that morning.

We know that things may not always be easy and we may be faced with many obstacles when we try to live our dreams but it is in moments such as these that we are reassured that there is a plan and purpose for what we do. By God's grace, we will be able to reach out to people through our music and bring joy to their lives.

Nilanga Jayawickreme


We were at the World Choir Games in Austria in 2008 and we were feeling very down due to an unfortunate incident that took place. So Jerome decided to cheer us up by parodying the concept of the World Choir Games. So he got a group of us to represent the "international judges" (and he made us dress up to portray the country we were representing), then he made an announcement to the rest of the group that they could audition for the games with the biggest ’pacha’ story they could come up with, and the judges gave marks and comments parodying the same system used by the Choir Games. At the end after much deliberation the judges chose a winner and we had a grand awards ceremony (in the

style of the Choir Games) and made medals with some old buns left over from breakfast and announced the winner, Shaza, who had some long far fetched story about what happened to her at the bank, which all the judges thought was a complete ’pacha’ one).


Dedicated to the goal of bringing people of all nations, cultures and worldviews together in peaceful competition and song, INTERKULTUR is the organization that coordinates the world’s largest choir competition.

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Rhapsody Children’s Music Festival




One of the most prestigious children’s choir festivals in the world, it promises to be an unforgettable musical, cultural, and educational experience for all involved.

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Music festivals across Asia


Asia boasts of some of the largest Music Festivals the world over. They not only celebrate the diversity of world music, but pay homage to different genres of music as well.

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